Okay..ich muss unseren Blog ja mal einweihen..das Gedicht (bzw. eigentlich ist es ein Songtext^^) hab ich gerade geschrieben...ist vielleicht etwas sentimental und dramatisch, aber ich war mal in der Stimmung dazu: Addicted Can't come in, can't go out What shall I do? I'm just too proud Too proud to say That it's this way Just let me be true to myself Let's just pretend We, you and me Would walk together hand in hand How weak am I to hold on to The thought of my dream coming true? Now let me make this clear for all What I've become's incredible Addicted It's not only feeling for you But stronger and deeper Can't make it through The night's torturing me For allI can see Is you and your beautiful eyes Let me go
29.1.09 23:13

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